Property Auction Case Study

Property Auction Case Study

This project is to develop a mobile app which can list the properties under option and provide a medium for the end user get AI based suggestions.

Application Logic
Basically the company collect the data for different properties that are under auction to list down on the mobile app through a backend system which is provided to them by Asaan. This list will be shown to different users who will be logging into the mobile app after registration.
Now the main logic comes when a user register himself in the mobile app he has to put in his location and the desired profile for which he is looking for in terms of properties. Now there is artificial intelligence working behind the mobile app which is helping to take care of all the suggestions and interest that has been shown by the user for the property. This app will automatically search down properties which may suit the user and keep sending them notification without the interaction of any customer care.
Also we have put in the machine learning algorithm which will as per the inputs provided by the user regarding the suggestion that they have received will keep on updating and maintaining the logic so as to provide a better recommendation in the future.

The team was challenged to improve performance and the functionality of the mobile app by including the following:

Video Upload
High-quality photos upload
Search by the type of property,area,budget and certain other parameters
Reliable data storage
Live chat integration

Through platform user saved 80% of their time searching for the right property for them
Company is able to connect more than 5000 Users Per Day
Company revenue increase by 4 times in 6 months

Region : South Asia
Industry : Real Estate
Type : Web
Engagement Model : Hybrid
Duration : 5 Months
Staff : 5 Employees
Platforms : Web, Android, IOS

Angular JS, Node JS, IONIC, Android, Swift

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