Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is the future of ERP systems that has been there for decades now. Companies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others have made enough presence in the ERP market but most part of it was not covered by cloud systems. So we will be talking here about more in detail with following topics:
  1. What is Cloud ERP
  2. Different Vendors for Cloud ERP
  3. Importance of Cloud ERP
  4. Why Asaan Cloud ERP
Asaan Cloud ERP

What is Cloud ERP?

By ERP we mean Enterprise Resource Planning, basically it is a software system which takes care of different resources of an enterprise or help them planning around these resources. These resources could be human capital, finance, accounts, sales, purchase, inventory and much more.
Traditionally these systems used to be deployed with the company infrastructure as most of these things were not as dynamic as today.  But with the advent of internet or I could say as internet has started revolutionising the life of common man, more and more resources has started coming on the cloud. Hence we needed an ERP system which can integrate with these cloud based systems along with being itself on cloud so that we should not be location dependent.
However Cloud ERP can be defined in a much elaborative way, but to keep it short I would define it as an ERP which is there on cloud and accessible to cloud and not restricted to any particular server or location.

Different Vendor of Cloud ERP

Now as things have moved forward towards being more clouded, the traditional vendors like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle have moved towards making their standard ERP system into cloud.
And other ERP systems like Sage and Salesforce have mostly been in the Cloud space right from the start so it was a bit simple for them to make a mark in Cloud ERP space.
Out of all these vendors Microsoft Dynamics is moving much ahead than others when it comes to flexibility and compatibility.
SAP Hana has made its presence but still needs to be done to make it a proper cloud based system
Oracle is far behind when it comes to cloud. It has its own problem of acquiring. Oracle has acquired PeopleSoft, JEdwards and others which is making it difficult for Oracle to adopt the features of all these platforms and move towards a standard Cloud ERP system.
Sage and Salesforce are my favourite if I just talk about being it Cloud. Salesforce has done a tremendous job by providing it as PaaS (Platform As A Service) which makes it easier for any developer to come and develop as per their need.
Importance of Cloud ERP

Importance of Cloud ERP

Facing Disruptions Head On
Deploying a Cloud ERP is much faster and easy as compared to On-Premises ERP. This makes it well equipped to face marketplace disruption that may arise at any moment.
Cloud ERP is adaptable to suit any size of business which is bit difficult in case on On-Premises ERP system
All In One
One of the biggest uses of Cloud ERP is that you can have all your systems in one place now. It allows you to integrate with different systems, hence removes the complexity of dealing with different systems in different manners.
This helps the businesses to derive more values from other cloud technologies. Now CRM and Sales Pipeline are being sold as separate packages.
Automated Updates are being provided on the go and making sure businesses are using latest updates and technology all the time
Why Aasaan Cloud ERP

Why Asaan Cloud ERP

Asaan being a new player in the market compared with SAP, Oracle or Microsoft but has made a good presence in the last few years because of the level of flexibility they provide in customisations.
Asaan as a company has developed more and more modules in ERP but since they are in Cloud ERP right from the beginning has given them edge against other ERP providers.
Also when there are certain disadvantages coming late into the market, there are much more advantages as well. Being late in the market Asaan Cloud ERP has removed all the general bugs and features disabilities which was difficult for other ERP providers because of its mammoth structure.
Let me put some points to compare Asaan Cloud ERP with other vendors:
1) Costing : Asaan has a very competitive and transparent pricing system. Its mostly clients are subscription based, which allows any business to give it a try atleast and this is the reason it has gained lots of popularity in the past.
2) Easy Customisations : Being on cloud, Asaan Cloud ERP can be customised on the go. Also Asaan has dedicated deployment for each client in case of ERP, this allows them to provide customisation of any level.
3) Requirement Understanding : Asaan provides a dedicated team to all the clients to understand their requirements before implementing. As part of ERP implementation, it is necessary to prepare a requirement document for the client for better implementation.