Customer Relationship Management

It has been long that CRM came into industry and became the backbone of most of the businesses. It has taken a long route from just making the business handle their customer and storing information about them to giving customers the best experience of the products or services.
There are lots of CRM which has captures the most part of market but with their own limitations as follows:
Salesforce CRM : The best platform available for managing lead, customers, opportunities and task. There is no competition to salesforce when it comes to market share but it has got it own limitation in terms of catering to Indian small businesses. Because of too many functionalities and long learning curve make it bit difficult for the small businesses to think of sales force.
Zoho CRM : It is a good platform and has recently picked up a good pace in terms of capturing the market share. It has got great flexibility if you want to customise it as per your own needs. This is also the limitation with it that you need an expert to get on to it.

What Next Generation CRM Must Have:

  1. Big Data Capability : Upcoming CRM must have inbuilt fast processing of data and give useful insights on the go.
  2. AI Inbuilt : CRM need to have Artificial Intelligence built into it so as to look into the future growth and also find out deep analysis of the operations happening across organisation captured using CRM.
  3. Machine Learning : Now ML has come a long way and have got a close relationship with Big Data where Machine learning is making Big data analysis much more useful and focussed. It is helping users to take big decision and too big accuracy.

Why Aasaan CRM?
We have tried to capture the needs of small businesses in a small packet and trying to give a ready made package to the end user. You do not need any customisation here and most of the things that you may need have already been taken care of.

Aasaan CRM Feature

The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. We at Aasaan Services provide easy to use CRM system.

  • Automated Lead Capturing
  • Deals / Opportunities Nurturing
  • Complete Sales Funnel
  • Third Party Integration with Gmail / Facebook/ Amazon / IndiaMart / TradeIndia etc.
  • Email and SMS Communication
  • Client Followups
  • User Management
  • Task Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Documents Management
  • Invoices / Quotations
  • Products / Services
  • Contract Management
  • Order / Return Orders
  • Payment Collections
  • Payment Reminders
  • Financial Statements
  • Marketing Automation
  • Complete Business Analysis
  • Detailed Reports
  • Single Log On System
  • Mobile Responsive System
  • Cloud Based CRM

Aasaan CRM has got all the capabilities that any CRM has along with its easy to use model that relates exactly with the way we use any Mobile App.
Aasaan Customer Relationship Management has simple sidewise menu to navigate through all the functionalities which makes it easier for the user, particularly in India where people are still not tech savvy if we leave the major cities in India.

Even in Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore , the general businesses or the businesses who are having around 2 to 10 employees , do not have enough understanding of CRM. They understand the computer and mobile with very simple basics.
If we talk about Facebook and Whatsapp, they know only the features that are required on a daily basis. If you ask them to look for anything else, they will not be knowing. For example, creating a broadcast list or a group is a tedious task for them.

Looking at all these challenges, we have tried to make our CRM as simple as possible. Now a new feature we have introduced in our CRM, where in if you open Aasaan CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from a mobile phone , you can directly send whatsapp to your clients. This features has given a major push to Aasaan CRM in the near future.
Anybody can try using CRM by visiting and register it for free. For small businesses one user is enough to manage the whole business and it has got enough free limit for number of entries.


Q. How Can I Register Myself
Ans.  Visit , Click On Register, Enter your details and you will receive an email with your username and password. Come back to login screen, enter the details and your are good to go.

Q. How much does it cost?
Ans. Free for 1 user forever

Q. Any Other Cost?
Ans. SMS / Email / Whatsapp or Any third party cost would be separate

Q. How about customisation?
Ans. We provide any level of extension to Aasaan CRM based on your requirement.

Q. Can I host it on my server
Ans. We provide white label solution with our own hosting. We do not host on other servers.

Q. How about data security?
Ans. Data is end to end encrypted with separate database for each user. Aasaan CRM is strengthen by world’s largest cloud provider as AWS and Google Cloud.

Q. Can I Integrate it with my website or some other software?
Ans. Yes, it is integrated with more than 50 top portals in the world. We provide integration with any kind of online application.

Q. How can I import my existing data?
Ans. Data can be imported using Aasaan Import Utility, However in case of complex data structure, we provide custom services as well.

Aasaan CRM Pricing

Features / PlansFreeProfessionalEnterpriseCustomised
Pricing (India)Free₹599 / User / Month
(Billed Annually)
₹1199 / User / Month
(Billed Annually)

1200 / User / Month
(10 Users Minimum)
Annual Billing
Pricing (Outside)Free$13 / User / Month
(Billed Annually)
$29 / User / Month
(Billed Annually)
$25 / User / Month
(10 Users Minimum)
Annual Billing
Tax ReportingNoYesYesYes
Contracts /OrdersNoYesYesYes
Payment ReminderNoYesYesYes
Marketing AutomationNoNoYesYes
TrainingChargeable2 Per Year3 Per YearCustomisable
SMSNot ApplicableCustomer Need to provideCustomer Need to provideCustomer Need to provide
WhatsappNot ApplicableCustomer Need to provideCustomer Need to provideCustomer Need to provide
EmailNot ApplicableUnlimited (Gmail)Unlimited (Gmail)Unlimited
Not AvailableFreeFreeFree
Not AvailableFreeFreeFree
Just Dial
Not AvailablePaidFreeFree
Email IntegrationNot AvailableFreeFreeFree
Third Party
Not AvailablePaidPaidFree
No of Entries500100000500000Customisable
₹100 / 5000 Entries₹100 / 5000 Entries₹100 / 5000 Entries₹100 / 5000 Entries
Free StorageNot Available2 GB / Organisation5 GB / OrganisationCustomisable
Not Applicable₹300/month/5GB₹300/month/5GB₹300/month
No of Users1Not ApplicableNot ApplicableCustomisable
Mobile VersionYes (RWA)Yes (RWA)Yes (RWA)Yes (RWA)
Web VersionYesYesYesYes

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