AWM (Asaan Waste Management)

Waste Management System

An end to end waste management solutions

Asaan Services
AWM is a cloud based waste management solutions developed by Asaan Services Solutions Pvt Ltd. It is an end to end solution for different type of waste management companies including bio-medical waste, e-waste, solid waste, paper recycling, municipal waste and much more…

What All Industry Do We Cater?

  • Waste Aggregator/Trader
  • Bio Medical
  • E-Waste
  • Solid Waste
  • Paper Recycling
  • Pharma
  • Municipal Waste

What type of business we cater?

  • Who charge money for collection
  • Who give money for collection
  • Who certify for collection
  • Who dispose the waste
  • Who recycle the waste
  • Who sell the waste
  • Who go to client daily
  • Who go to client on demand
  • Who own the vehicle
  • Who hire the vehicle

AWM! why?.

  • Single Log On For Your Management, Customers, Employees, Vendors.
  • Login Anytime, Anywhere
  • Mobile App Available
  • Cloud Solution – Maintenance, Reliability, Backups & Security
  • Visualise KPI’s With Custom Dashboards- Drill Down Into The Detail To Drive Decisions
  • Customised Forms

We Understand Your Business
You are not going to explain to us what is waste hierarchy, or a life cycle of product, or C&D Waste, Solid Waste, E-Waste. We already know them all. And that means you will have the benefit of leveraging our Industry Knowledge and Experience to improve business practices, solve problems and maximise the profit of your software investment.

Far Better Than Spreadsheets
Eliminates the unproductive workaround, disorganization, and tedious manual procedures from running your business using spreadsheets, not to mention the dependence on employees and lack of security. Our integrated operations and financial platform lets you easily find and retrieve data, eliminates double entry, automate task and documents, easily generate reports without spending long hours and access control.

Avoid Risky Home Made Programs
Building your own software can be a risky proposition especially with experts who don’t know anything about your business, who can’t promise how long and how much it will take, and who may be not be there to support it later, all with technology that would need upgrations from time to time. AWM (Asaan Waste Management) solutions helps you avoid these problems with solution made specifically for your requirements, backed by the people who know your business, used by many industry leaders, with Data & Intelligence, Machine Learning all built in.

Do What Your Accounting System Can’t
For “Accounting” Accounting Software is fine. But it is simply not flexible enough to handle the dynamics of waste management and recycling business where material can be bought or sold with different names or weights and where change in pricing can happen at any time. It will also not generate commission, calculate gross profit on trades, track logistical events without workarounds. AWM specifically made for seamless working and unique requirements for your accounting package.

Helps You Take Control Of Your Business
Our Waste Management Solutions go beyond just tracking orders and transactions, providing control over business happenings and ownership of business intelligence. Asaan Waste Management makes all your vital information accessible from one platform, managing all your work in progress to avoid oversights, tracking sales activity and history, capturing documents, email messages, providing Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence enabled specialised reports and analytics you need to gain insights into trends and overall business performance for smarter decision making.

Easy Accounting Integration
Our approach to accounting integration, lets you choose the accounting software that is best suited for you. Our real time accounting minimizes errors by synchronizing master data and posting transactions that can lead to reconciliation headaches. Payment status can also be pulled back to reduce inquiries.

Integration Does Matter
To reduce cost and stay competitive, manual data entries needs to be removed. Asaan Waste Management helps you integrate with your existing vendors or software to have a single platform to look at and seamlessly work without switching over different systems. We easily integrate with any GPS vendor for transport tracking or on that matter we integrate with any online system which gives you waste pick up details.

We Deliver TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) and ROI too
Asaan understand the importance of providing value to your software investment and delivers with cost saving productivity features, key analytics and greater visibility that helps you control over your business. In a matter of weeks, you will see Return On Investment. We also help you control your IT cost, with a fixed monthly payment plan with a separate training charges. There is no big upfront charges, no additional charges for minor customisations, support service or enhanced features. You can cancel even anytime.

Industry Credibility
It is not easy to choose from different business vendor when everyone claiming to be “top” and with competing testimonials. But if someone look at our list of clients and for how long we have been serving them, a conclusion can be drawn about our reputation, confidence and trust our customers have placed with our solutions.

Easily Scalable Technology
Irrespective of you being a global leader or a startup, Asaan Waste Management provides you the flexibility you need to pursue opportunities and adapt to new business models. Our system architecture easily handle greater transaction volume, scale up to meet customer demands,keeping your business information in control and avoiding costly modifications and upgrades.

AWM Modules

  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Client Management
  • Vendor Management
  • EPR
  • Contract Labour Management
  • Operational Expenditure
  • Garbage Segregation Records
  • HR Management
  • Inventory Management
  • GPS Tracking & Management
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Logistics / Vehicle Management
  • Route Optimisation
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Agreement/Document Management
  • Email /SMS Integration
  • Mobile App

AWM Features

  • Waste Collection (Onsite/Offsite)
  • Secured & Full Featured Billing System
  • Payment – See Customer Payment Status At A Glance
  • Comprehensive & Intelligent Business Reporting
  • Accounting- Auditable Financials, GST Compliant, Customer Ranking & Profitability Reports
  • Google Mapping – Visualise Job Site, Routes, GPS Position Of Vehicles and Field Boys.
  • Contact Management: Store Information For Multiple Client Contacts
  • Sales Management of Prospect Quotes & Customer Activity
  • Straight Forward Data Entry Options
  • Closing/Expiry Date Administration
  • Alerts & Notifications Based On Management Criteria
  • Interactive Reports & Graphs for On The Fly Analysis
  • HR Management
  • Client/Customer Management
  • Onsite Issue Management
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Document Control : Store All Documents In a secure centralised Repository
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Trail – Maintain Complete History Of Records Created, Edited, Archived.

Infrastructure & Technology

AWS (Amazon Web Services)



Q. How much time does it take to launch?
Ans. Only 1 Day
Q. How much does it cost?
Ans. Just $25/User/Month
Q. Any Other Cost?
Ans. One time customisation cost, if required.
Q. what level of customisation could be done?
Ans. Anything you can think of.
Q. How about data breach?
Ans. NDA is signed along with no local access to DB
Q. Can it be used for multi location?
Ans. Yes

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