AWM Cloud

The AWM  (Aasaan Waste Management) solutions can be either on your private server or on our secure cloud hosting. Our cloud solution provides complete AWM functionality with world’s leading cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. This is an ideal solution if you do not want to invest in hardware, maintenance and administration expenses. Instead you can rely on world’s best cloud provider with flexibility to handle any level of load.

A standard internet connection is all that is required as it is independent of any platform or network. Since AWM works with any device it may be PC, Mobile , Tablet or anything else, you can leverage all your existing equipment.

Our complete package includes software updates, security, customer support and maintenance so that you can focus on your business. Need not to tell as we use cloud solution, AWM maintains 99.99% uptime with high availability of data to ensure ongoing reliability.

Security and Compliance With AWM

How secure is your data? That is a big question in today’s business atmosphere. The cloud migration is the choice adopted by most waste management & recycling companies. Simply put, you gain performance, reliability and security all when paying and managing very less. Security part is controlled by the client using our access management system where you can decide who will be authorised to do what.  Aasaan also performs one annual security vulnerability assessment for any security breach.

Aasaan as a company addresses following concerns with AWM :
  • Is My Data Secure?
  • Who all can access the data?
  • What is the backup plan?
  • Who is responsible for reloading the data?

Pricing Structure

AWM cloud offers pricing at two levels :

Customisation : Aasaan Waste Management is a complete solution for any waste management and recycling business across the world. But we believe that every business is different and may need customisation. So we offer customisation at any level with one time charges. These charges will be decided as per the changes required.

Subscription Charges : You just need to pay monthly charges in case you do not have any customisation. Our subscription charges start as low as $120 / Month.

It includes everything as Server Charges, Support & Maintenance.