Waste Management BRP(ERP++)

Waste Management BRP

Waste Management BRP (ERP++) For Waste Traders/Waste Aggregator

Are you a business dealing in waste management? Waste trading is one of the emerging businesses now a days where creating an end to end recycling facility comes up with lots of cost and material.

But the problem arises with the Waste Aggregator or you can call them trader is that they find it difficult to manage the whole life cycle of the waste tracking. Generally waste traders do following things;

Pick & Segregate
They will pick up the waste from some client and get it segregated at their own facility. This segregated items are then being sold in the market with a price.

Pick & Store
Waste Items are picked up and stored in the current form at their own facility and then being sold as per requirement.

Direct Transfer
It happens in the case where waste traders has to send waste items directory from waste producer to waste recycler. One of the use case here is that sometimes they need to maintain a virtual inventory till the time they dont have enough waste that can be transported to the recycler as transport cost is one the major expenditure in waste management business.

EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility)
EPR has come into the picture and has given lots of opportunity to already existing business in waste management and recycling. As per ERP all the producers has to collect back a certain percentage of the products as waste and get it recycled. Waste Traders or Brokers are the major player to get it availed for the producers.

How AWM BRP Helps
AWM BRP stands for Asaan Waste Management Business Running Platform. This platform helps you run your business end to end with all the task taken care efficiently.

So if I talk about Waste Traders/ Waste Brokers/Waste Aggregator. then our Waste Management Solutions covers :

– Waste Pickup Details
– Generate Quotation/Purchase Orders
– Maintain Segregation Records
– Maintain Inventory
– Contract Labor Management
– Expenditure Management
– Full EPR Coverage
– Generate Sales Order/Invoices
– Maintain Item wise Profit & Loss
– Inbuild GST Enabled Accounting
– Data Analysis and Reporting
– Automated Alerts & Reminders

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