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Medical care is vital for every human kind and health, But the waste generated from medical activities is very hazardous for nature and human world. Improper waste management leads to health problems for the people living in community. Everyday it is causing a big problem for the environment. A large number of wastes are generated in the hospitals and health care centers.
Major Sources

  • Govt. hospitals/private hospitals/nursing homes/ dispensaries.
  • Primary health centers.
  • Medical colleges and research centers/ paramedic services.
  • Veterinary colleges and animal research centers.
  • Blood banks/mortuaries/autopsy centers.
  • Biotechnology institutions.
  • Production units.

Need of Biomedical waste Management in Hospitals/health centers

The reasons why there is great need of management of hospitals waste such as:

  1. Injuries from sharps leading to infection to all categories of hospital personnel
  2. This also causes infection to waste handlers.
  3. Infections in patients from poor infection control practices and poor waste management.
  4. Risk of infection outside hospital for waste handlers and scavengers
  5. Creating infection problem to public living in the vicinity of hospitals.
  6. Risk associated with hazardous chemicals, drugs to persons handling wastes at all levels.
  7.  “Disposable” being repacked and sold by unscrupulous elements without even being washed.
  8. Drugs which have been disposed of, being repacked and sold off to unsuspecting buyers.
  9. Risk of air, water and soil pollution directly due to waste, or due to defective incineration emissions and ash.

Biomedical Waste Management Process

There is a big network of Health Care Institutions in India. The hospital waste like body parts, organs, tissues, blood and body fluids along with soiled linen, cotton, bandage and plaster casts from infected and contaminated areas are very essential to be properly collected, segregated, stored, transported, treated and disposed of in safe manner to prevent hospital acquired infection.

  1. Waste collection
  2. Segregation
  3. Transportation and storage
  4. Treatment & Disposal
  5. Transport to final disposal site
  6. Final disposal

Health care waste is a heterogeneous mixture, which is very difficult to manage as such. But the problem can be simplified and its dimension reduced considerably if a proper management system is planned.


Medical waste should be treated on the basis of their categories and risk associated with it. The process of handling, sorting, storing and ultimate dispose should be done very carefully. We need to consider innovative and radical measures to clean up the distressing picture of lack of civic concern on the part of hospitals and slackness in government implementation of bare minimum of rules, as waste generation particularly biomedical waste imposes increasing direct and indirect costs on society. The challenge before us, therefore, is to scientifically manage growing quantities of biomedical waste that go beyond past practices. If we want to protect our environment and health of community we must sensitize our selves to this important issue not only in the interest of health managers but also in the interest of community.

Waste Management Software

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